• 2017 Educator Appreciation Day

    In recognition of Educator's Day, the Emory School of Medicine Recognitions Committee sent out a call for nominations for educators across the School of Medicine who go above and beyond the call of duty as teachers and mentors. Over 100 Emory faculty were nominated by their peers, colleagues, and trainees for their passion and skills to educate, encourage and support scholars and learners across the School of Medicine.


    The committee reviewed each nomination and selected those who exemplify the outstanding faculty educators of the Emory School of Medicine. The quotes below were taken from the nomination materials.


    Please join us in congratulating these featured faculty members!

  • Featured Faculty

    Bhavin Adhyaru

    Department of Medicine

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Innovative teaching that utilizes multiple modalities including picture diagnosis."


    "Very passionate and dedicated to excellent patient care, best role model for all of us including colleagues/students/nurses/ staff."


    "Creates open/protective environment for teaching."


    "Encyclopedic knowledge of medicine."

    Sona Arora

    Department of Anesthesiology

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Chairs Anesthesiology education committee, moves mountains to organize oral board review for residents."


    "Coordinates educational opportunities for Emory critical care fellows as well as Morehouse surgical and internal medicine residents."


    "Collaborates with department of oral surgery to provide excellent rotations for their residents."

    Jeremy Beckworth

    Department of Orthopaedics

    The Emory Clinic

    "Named best teacher of the year twice in the last four years."


    "Great involvement in teaching and provides multiple lecture series."

    Frank Berkowitz

    Department of Pediatrics

    Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    "Dr. Berkowitz has been completely committed to the education of generations of pediatric residents & pediatric infectious disease fellows."


    "The epitome of the bedside clinician - examining, assessing, and teaching both parents and trainees."


    "...he is a humble giant"

    Eugene Berkowitz

    Department of Radiology

    Emory University Hospital, The Emory Clinic, Grady Memorial Hospital, and Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital

    "Encyclopedic knowledge of Chest CT."


    "Patience and willingness to explain concepts and specific findings."


    "Amiability and collegiality in working with other services to solve clinical problems."

    William L. Border

    Department of Pediatrics

    Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    "Helps mentor all junior faculty in the echo lab, truly leads by example!"


    "Won the Derek Fyfe Pediatric Cardiology Teaching Award for 3 years in a row soon after he joined. The recipient of this award is selected by the fellows."


    "Leader in Fellowship educational curriculum in cardiac imaging, biostatistics and study design."


    "Extremely passionate about teaching our trainees at all levels and sonographers..."

    Robert Cotes

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "He is an outstanding educator! He received the AAP junior faculty award."


    "He has been the recipient of multiple teaching awards: three PGY1 teacher of the year awards and a medical school teacher of the year award."

    Eugene Farber

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Passionate about training"


    "Invested in professional development for students and trainees"

    Robert Gaynes

    Department of Medicine

    Atlanta VA Medical Center

    "Given outstanding monthly clinical lectures to housestaff and provides bedside teaching as Site Director for third-year medicine clerkship M3s."


    "Selected for the Academy of Medical Educators and served as an Executive Committee member that helped fashion its strategic plan."

    Michael Greenwald

    Department of Pediatrics

    Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    "Michael is the teacher's teacher. Ever since he joined the division of Peds EM he has been striving to promote, enhance and innovate teaching activities for students, residents, fellows and faculty."


    "Has become the go to person for trainees as well as faculty."


    "Dr. Greenwald makes education fun and often integrates lively competitions to increase participation..."


    "He teaches us not only to teach but also to give feedback in a short but effective manner. I personally have learned to teach better and give and receive feedback more effectively."

    Jodie Guest

    Department of Family & Preventive Medicine

    Emory University

    "Dr. Guest is the most dynamic and engaged educator in this department and has won golden and crystal apples for her teaching."


    "A skilled researcher, [she] is quick to offer her expertise to help develop the research skills of our more Junior faculty."


    "...Although she herself is not a Physician Assistant, she champions our profession and our students."


    "Dr. Guest teaches some of the driest curriculum possible but has the highest teaching evaluations for our Department. She's hilarious and can turn epidemiology into stand up comedy. She can rock a classroom!"

    Taylor Harrison

    Department of Neurology

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Dedication to resident and fellow teaching"


    "Active participation in medical student lectures"


    "He has won the neurology best friend of the resident awards and best educator nominated by the neurology residents."

    Brent Hayek

    Department of Ophthalmology

    Emory University Hospital

    "Excellent ability to teach fellows, residents, and medical students during a busy clinic while maintaining focus on excellent patient care."


    "Strong surgical mentor"


    "Encourages learners to read about rare and interesting conditions to improve patient care."

    Kiran Hebbar

    Department of Pediatrics

    Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    "Kiran's passion for education and quality improvement is contagious and extends far beyond the PICU..."


    "Works tirelessly to improve resident and fellow education."


    "Dr. Hebbar completes his notes before rounds in order to dedicate rounds almost exclusively to resident and fellow education; effectively utilizes adult learning strategies to promote retention of information."


    "Kiran has been an extraordinary mentor, harnessing my interests in simulation and providing opportunities for me to develop my skills."

    Emily Herndon

    Department of Family & Preventive Medicine

    Emory University Hospital

    "Dynamic and creative small group leader for MD students, true role model."


    "Compassionate and involved in community outreach..."


    "Bold and innovative with ideas for inter-professional education (MD/PA/PT)."


    "Very successful society mentor"

    Nadja Kadom

    Department of Radiology

    Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    "Nadja has a passion for teaching that comes through in her enthusiasm and patience."


    "[She] is an innovative thinker, always looking for new teaching ideas or approaches."


    "...an excellent and highly supportive mentor for our trainees."

    Jaffar Khan

    Department of Neurology

    The Emory Clinic

    "Directs neuroscience courses for the M2 and M3 medical students with local and national recognition for Best Course, Best Clerkship and Excellence in Teaching awards."


    "Over 22 years as program director for residency and fellowship training programs with institutional and national recognition awards from his trainees..."


    "...Contributes to the education of EMS/paramedic/firefighter at the county and state levels for the last decade."

    Arezou Khosroshahi

    Department of Medicine

    Emory University Hospital

    "She is constantly thinking about trainees and how to push us past our comfort zone to learn more."


    "Besides being a great teacher, she does novel research in the area of IgG4-related disease."



    Hee Joon Kim

    Department of Ophthalmology

    The Emory Clinic

    "Fantastic research and clinical acumen, with many publications with students."


    "Has supported me personally on numerous research projects and currently has no less than 5 residents and medical students working on clinical research projects in addition to developing multiple research projects with her fellow."


    "Always mentoring residents and medical students, inside and outside of work."

    Lee Kneer

    Department of Orthopaedics

    Emory Orthopaedics Dunwoody

    "Always able to include learners in clinic, even with multiple trainees from different departments and levels of training."


    "Always educating learners and parents in a way for all to understand."


    "Takes a significant amount of time out of clinic to provide residency ultrasound curriculum."

    Chris Knudson

    Department of Medicine

    Emory University Hospital Midtown

    "He is a spectacular educator in the field of medicine."


    "I have personal knowledge of Chris' teaching. It's exemplary. "


    "Dr. Knudson is an excellent role model for the residents, as he is so dedicated to providing patient-centered care and teaches them to do the same. He does some of the best teaching of warm handsoff between hospital medicine and outpatient doctors."


    " He teaches the residents the value of the doctor-patient relationship, how to establish rapport, how to convey care and compassion at the bedside, and effective ways to provide patients with information and answer their questions based on their level of health literacy."

    Gautam Kumar

    Department of Medicine

    Atlanta VA Medical Center

    "Novel educational techniques"


    "Passion for teaching"


    "Respect for learners"

    Karen Law

    Department of Medicine

    Emory University Hospital

    "Provides leadership and steps up to tackle the tough issues and stand up for the right thing."


    "Revamped the teaching service at Grady, including volunteering to serve as a teaching attending at Christmas!"


    "Reinvigorated the IM residency program such that it is viewed with excitement and once again a training location that attracts the best of the best."

    Mary Jo Lechowicz

    Department of Hematology/Oncology

    Winship Cancer Institute

    "Outstanding clinician - endowed chair"


    "Innovative educational leader"


    "Outstanding mentor/leader for individual and small groups"

    Brent Little

    Department of Radiology

    Emory University Hospital

    "Always passionate about resident education and goes above and beyond during noon conferences."


    "Extremely friendly and approachable, a great mentor for research projects."


    "Interactive-didactic teaching during workday/readout"

    Jamie MacKelfresh

    Department of Dermatology

    The Emory Clinic

    "Innovates and incorporates feedback to enhance teaching."


    "Extremely thoughtful and conscientious towards residents and medical students alike."


    "Consistently takes the time to provide structured, constructive feedback on performance."

    Noble Maleque

    Department of Medicine

    Emory University Hospital Midtown

    "A great resource at EUHM for discussing patient care including complex cases."


    "...He constantly provides guidance, is an excellent teacher, and inspires others in his department to excel in their teaching ability."


    "Exemplary mentor for residents, students, and colleagues"


    "...He is caring, considerate, and supportive - truly the best mentor and boss anyone could ask for."

    Bryan Morse

    Department of Surgery

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Dr. Morse has a unique way of educating/presenting information to students and residents - he uses metaphors that leave a memorable impression."


    "...Dr. Morse is calm, collected and teaches through empowering residents."


    "...every encounter is a teaching moment with him."

    Shivani Mukkamala

    Department of Anesthesiology

    Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    "She is a role model to women physicians on how to be strong and respected in the workplace and still be true to themselves."


    "Mentored all three Emory medical students interested in anesthesiology. They all matched well and likely a large part was due to her dedication to helping them navigate the process..."


    "She is always reliable and willing to help out her colleagues..."


    "Dedicated educator"

    Kenneth Ogan

    Department of Urology

    Emory University Hospital

    "Dr. Ogan has an ABUNDANCE of patience, even when he has a 30 patient clinic day. He is always willing to make time for teachable moments."


    "Consistent dedication to resident operative learning"


    "He inspires hard work and professionalism in every resident in our program."


    "Ultimate team-player...Humble"

    Ankit Patel

    Department of Surgery

    Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital

    "Outstanding clinical performer"


    "Always innovative and seeks opportunities for efficiency."


    "Works tirelessly to contribute to the education of all team members."

    Gaurav Patel

    Department of Anesthesiology

    Emory University Hospital Midtown

    "Dr. Patel continues to be ranked among the best teachers and faculty in our department. His resident and medical student evaluations are always amongst the top rated. This has led him to win awards from the anesthesiology department and also the medical school."


    "Completely worked on revamping the medical student educational experience in our department, making it one of the most highly received rotations in the School of Medicine."


    "I honestly believe he is one of the strongest educators in our anesthesiology department...I honestly almost left the residency program until Dr. Patel worked with me."

    Suzanne Penna

    Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

    Emory Rehabilitation Hospital

    "Physical Therapy student evaluations consistently describe her as the best lecturer they've had."


    "Neuropsychology interns find her warm and supportive during personal crises."



    Gail Peters

    Department of Radiology

    Emory University Hospital

    "Has been a long standing advocate of medical student education."


    "Has mentored and guided the division's curriculum for IR fellowship."


    "Was crucial at gaining approval for Interventional Radiology Residency."

    Jonathan Ratcliff

    Department of Emergency Medicine

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Takes the initiative and dedicates time to sit down with fellows and discuss concepts as well as evidence based medicine."


    "Phenomenal feedback on teaching abilities and content from Neurocritical Care Fellows and Emergency Medicine Residents."


    "Extremely helpful with recruitment and interview process of neurocritical care fellows."

    Eva Rimler

    Department of Medicine

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Has inspired others to pursue a career in general medicine through the SGIM."


    "Has implemented an innovative ambulatory curriculum for the 3rd year students."

    David Schulman

    Department of Medicine

    The Emory Clinic and Emory University

    "He is the tireless and supportive medical director of our pulmonary & critical care fellowship program."


    "He has been recognized at the institutional level for his teaching (numerous teaching awards including multiple Golden Apple Awards) as well as nationally and internationally for his tremendous contributions as a clinician-educator."


    "He is a passionate and enthusiastic director..."

    Jeffrey Siegelman

    Department of Emergency Medicine

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Continually striving to improve his teaching skills."


    "Uses research, studies, and proven methods to shape his teaching style."


    "Inspires me to be a better teacher"

    Boris Spektor

    Department of Anesthesiology

    Emory University Hospital Midtown

    "Makes every occasion an opportunity to learn."


    "Loves teaching"


    "Always looking for ways to improve and engage the pain fellows to learn more."


    "On a personal/professional level he is always optimistic and an inspiration to his peers."


    "Creates interactive and dynamic lectures"

    Nathan Spell

    Department of Medicine

    Emory University Hospital

    "Highly innovative course director for Quality Academy"


    "Strong mentorship"


    "National leader in medical education"

    Laurence Sperling

    Department of Medicine

    Emory University Hospital

    "Selfless mentorship to all levels of medical trainees"


    "Exacting Bedside Clinical Skills and laser acumen in assessing and treating patients"


    "Commitment to advancing preventive Cardiology on local and national levels"

    Jahnavi Srinivasan

    Department of Surgery

    Emory University Hospital

    "She is an educational force, solely responsible for numerous hands on surgical activities for residents."




    "She doesn't talk the talk, she DOES it!"


    "Dedicated to resident education in both formal conference settings and one-on-one sessions. Never needs an audience to make a teaching moment out of a case."


    "Tremendous one on one and group resident education skills."

    Alaina Steck

    Department of Emergency Medicine

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Dynamic lecturer & attending"


    "Puts extra effort into optimizing learners' experience"


    "Easy to speak with to clarify issues"

    Stefan Tigges

    Department of Radiology

    Emory University Hospital

    "Award-winning educator of both medical students and residents"


    "Teaches using comics"


    "Beloved by trainees"

    Matthew Whalin

    Department of Anesthesiology

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Significant dedication of time and energy towards resident clinical education."


    "He brings a unique perspective to clinical education with his research background and always has evidence-based recommendations for every topic."


    "...He has increased attendance tremendously by improving content and the use of technology-based educational tools that increase interactivity and engagement."

  • Congratulations to all of our nominees!

    • Sierra Beck - Emergency Medicine
    • Samir R. Belagaje - Neurology
    • Suephy Chen - Dermatology
    • Angela Cheng - Surgery
    • Jennifer Christie - Medicine
    • Jason Cobb - Medicine
    • Caitlin Delfs - Pediatrics
    • Christopher Dente - Surgery
    • Allen Dollar - Medicine
    • Glenn Egan - Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
    • Bassel El-Rayes - Hematology/Medical Oncology
    • Hughes Evans - Pediatrics
    • David Goldsmith - Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
    • Hans Grossniklaus - Ophthalmology
    • Divya Gupta - Medicine
    • Robert Guyton - Surgery
    • Bethany Hansen - Pediatrics
    • Marie Johanson - Rehabilitation Medicine
    • Prem Kandiah - Neurosurgery
    • Ioannis Karakis - Neurology
    • Ziad Kazzi - Emergency Medicine
    • Yousuf Khalifa - Ophthalmology
    • Subra Kugathasan - Pediatrics
    • Leslie Lawley - Dermatology
    • Stam Lerakis - Medicine
    • Howard Levy - Orthopaedics
    • S. Sam Lim - Medicine
    • Munish Luthra - Medicine
    • Shishir Maithel - Surgery
    • Kimberly Manning - Medicine
    • Darlene L. Mashman - Anesthesiology
    • William McDonald - Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
    • Anne Marie McKenzie-Brown - Anesthesiology
    • Sarah Milla - Radiology
    • Andrew (Andy) Miller - Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
    • Dawn C. Moore - Radiology
    • Shivani Mukkamala - Anesthesiology
    • Nirmala Natarajan - Emergency Medicine
    • Ravi Patel - Pediatrics
    • Barbara Pettitt - Surgery
    • Richard Pittman - Medicine
    • Adam Pomerleau - Emergency Medicine
    • Frederic Rahbari - Medicine
    • Michael Rossi - Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
    • Stephen Sanders - Emergency Medicine
    • Aarti Sekhar - Radiology
    • Ben Stoff - Dermatology
    • Cinnamon Sullivan - Anesthesiology
    • Vin Tangpricha - Medicine
    • Brent Weinberg - Radiology
    • Julie Williamson - Anesthesiology
    • Raymond Young - Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences